Westmark Manor Is A Chilling Lovecraftian Horror

Westmark Manor

Explore a gothic horror world in Westmark Manor, out now on the PC.

A blend of survival horror and puzzle elements, Westmark Horror is a game where you explore mind-bending puzzles and terrifying spaces in this horror-infused estate.

Featuring demonic entities with an H.P. Lovecraft twist, this is a title from a two-person team at Nodbrim Interactive, and Toadman Interactive.

Westmark Manor - Occult
The occult. Source: PR

There is a darkness in all of us and a need to find the light, and I hope players enjoy their own personal journey within the walls of Westmark Manor.

Martin Kupski, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Nodbrim Interactive

You play as Theodore Westmark – a curator at the department of ancient history. His objective is to locate an ancient formula which he has located off of the coast of Norway in a place called Vörnum.

What does he want from this formula? To free his wife Elizabeth from an unknown, nightmarish illness, but as you can expect, it’s not as easy as that.

Here’s an example of gameplay in the Westmark Horror trailer:

Out now, you can purchase the game via the following Steam page.

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