Vigilance Is A Cyberpunk Venture In Development

Vigilance In Development

Currently in development by a lone developer(!?) is cyberpunk title Vigilance. Judging by the shared imagery, this is looking awesome!

I understand why people don’t like Twitter, with all the ‘out there’ opinions, over-sensitivity and toxicity should your view differ from someone else’s. However, since using the platform now for over 12 years, it’s only recently I’ve been diving a little deeper and finding a rich community of like-minded people, but also, a platform for showcasing upcoming titles that might not be on the PR circuit.

This morning I saw a retweet that showed the game Vigilance. From the teaser image and brief write-up, I shifted to the YouTube page and subsequently liked and subscribed. Not because I was asked, but because I wanted to. Vigilance, which is currently in development, is impressive.

Vigilance - Interior
The interior shots complemented by rain and neon. Source: YouTube screen capture

There quite a few variants already out there – the Blade Runner by Westwood Studios back in the 90s was superb, Observer featuring Rutger Hauer, and of course, the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, all add to the cyberpunk aesthetic. Still, this indie one-person team is one to watch.

Is there an incentive for me putting out this news piece? Absolutely. I want to see this ‘on the shelves’ so I can play it and pending when it’ll be ready, there will always be an interest in it.

As an old fuddy-duddy, things like Patreon are new to me, but if Vigilance piques your interest, you can always support its development at said page.

Here’s some footage of the game:

No news on when the game is ready and for what platforms, but you can follow the developer over on Twitter @NasNakarus.

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