Unspottable Is A Sneaky Way To Punch A Mate


Hide and seek title, Unspottable, will be available during this year’s Steam Game Festival as a playable demo.

There’s a title on the Switch called Hidden in Plain Sight where you play either as knights or ninjas and must take out the other players without getting caught.

Unspottable, from Groschevaux, fits into this design; only the visuals are gorgeous Рnot that it matters so much compared to gameplay, but they really are great.

Unspottable - Fight
Ready, hide, FIGHT! Source: PR

The game is for 2-4 players as you take turns to hide among similar-looking characters, (robots in disguise – not them), where you’re carefully lining up a powerful haymaker to take out any competition, without getting caught.

I’m sure you’ll agree, this trailer makes the game look like a lot of fun:

A playable demo of Unspottable will be available during the Steam Game Festival so hop on over to the page for a preview.

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