Undungeon Is An Action RPG With Real-Time Combat


An action-based RPGUndungeon is now available as a playable demo on Steam, from publishers tinyBuild.

Looking to launch in Q4 of 2020, developers Laughing Machines’ adventure has you rip the multiverse to shreds by manipulating time in the past, present and future.

Perhaps best of all, the combat in Undungeon is real-time, meaning that while you have the luxury of interfering with timelines, you can’t affect the battles that happen in the now.

Undungeon - Messin' with time
Messin’ with time. Source: PR

The visuals are looking great already, but here are just some of the features you can expect to see in the full-release of Undungeon, out later this year:

  • Heated real-time battles: combine melee and ranged attacks to vanquish your foes, heal carefully so that enemy doesn’t steal your remedy, use various buffs and debuffs to have the advantage in combat.
  • Colorful pixel art aesthetics: each tree or rock is hand-drawn, each enemy has dozens of carefully crafted animation frames to create a one-of-a-kind visual experience.
  • Several customizable heroes: implant organs into the body of the herald of your choosing to enhance them. Equip different skill runes that substantially alter the gameplay.
  • Wast open world: explore distant lands beyond belief, meet their exotic inhabitants and Between missions, recover, gear up and rest in Herald’s Undercover Bay. H.U.B. is located in a neutral expanse between dimensions.
  • Advanced NPC interaction system: you can trade with Arhaban locals or recruit them to join your crew in the H.U.B. Need some crucial information from some stubborn nomad who refuses to cooperate? Interrupt a dialog to torture them right in the middle of a conversation!
  • Mind-bending sci-fi story: several worlds had been suddenly merged together, shattering one another to pieces in a cataclysm known as the Great Shift. The very fabric of time and space was damaged, seemingly beyond reconstruction. As a member of a secret interdimensional organization—Herald’s Undercover Bay—you, a Herald, are sent to the ancient city of Arhaban to remedy the aftermath of the catastrophe.
  • Travels between timelines and dimensions: changes you make in one timeline will apply to all other timelines, altering environments, NPCs, and enemies. Destroyed a forest? A lifeless desert will greet you when you visit this location in the future. Switch between heralds to be able to complete different kinds of objectives in different dimensions

…and here’s the Undungeon demo trailer:

Download the demo from Steam now, otherwise, add Undungeon to your wishlist for when it comes out later in 2020.

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