The Falconeer Soaring To A 2020 Release

The Falconeer coming to Steam in 2020

The Falconeer is a third-person RPG featuring aerial combat is coming to Steam and the Xbox One in 2020, courtesy of Tomas Sala.

The spiritual successor to Psygnosis’ Agony? Perhaps not, but The Falconeer features epic aerial battles throughout the world of Ursee, and looks amazing.

Erm… it’s a one-person development team here, which is insane. I felt just getting up early and brushing my teeth was a feat; seeing the quality of the game makes me feel somewhat inadequate.

But I write, not code, bitches. (I don’t mean that).

The Falconeer - Lightning
Thunder.. lightning. Source: PR

This open-world covers a vast ocean world, where you apparently ride an oversized falcon as it does battle with pirates and agile airships. Quite frankly, I want a go.

The Falconeer is a third-person RPG where players can develop their ranged arsenal, in-game faction elements and explore the wide known lands of Ursee.

Wired Productions are on publishing duties as the game will release both on Steam and Xbox One this year. Have a look at the trailer below for The Falconeer:

In the meantime, bookmark, wishlist, stack away in your photographic memory the Steam page for future updates.

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