Skin Witch Is Lurking In The Mines

Skin Witch

Skin Witch is probably a title I won’t play, or if I do, it’ll be with the sound off and with spotlights on – it’s a scary-looking game.

If you’re unfamiliar with my honesty, I’m hard-as-nails (don’t ask anyone who knows me – they don’t understand), but horror-like games usually creep me out and an absolute victim when it comes to jump scares.

Funny as I have a penchant for horror flicks and breed the undead in my non-existent cellar.

Skin Witch - Locals
Hangin’ with the locals. Source: PR

Anyways, Skin Witch from Blackwood Specter is probably the epitome of a decent survival horror: limiting weapon options and fast-tracking the body’s excretion of multiple liquids.

The title is pretty morbid, too.

In this first-person experience, you’re trapped in the mines of the Skin Witch, evading and occasionally slaying her beast-like minions in a claustrophobic setting that puts emphasis on its non-linear gameplay.

Kids, this is what Minecraft looks like when you mess with the underground natives.

Here’s a tease of some of the Skin Witch features:

  • True Survival Horror – Skin Witch focuses on what made survival horror great, like limited resources, unique puzzles, and disturbing environments. You’ll need to fight to survive, but part of staying alive is knowing when to pick your battles.
  • Witch Beasts – Face off against horrific creatures starved for flesh. Ammunition is scarce, and it’s even said that the most powerful of these beasts may not stay dead for long…
  • Non-Linear Gameplay – The mines sprawl in all directions, almost a living thing unto themselves. For the sake of saving resources you may choose to take alternate routes, or avoid ones you know to be dangerous.

And for a glimpse at the playing environment, have a look at the gameplay trailer below:

Skin Witch is out now on Steam.

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