Signs Of The Sojourner Prologue’s A Trip

Signs of the Sojourner Prologue

Deep and meaningful conversations happen under unusual circumstances, and in Signs of the Sojourner Prologue, it’s over a card game.

Ok, so having a chin wag during a game of cards isn’t unusual, but most people are trying to keep their poker face on and have their guard up; engaging conversation is the least of their concerns.

Besides, talking’s for hipsters, right?

Signs of the Sojourner Prologue, from Echodog Games, is about connecting with people over a game of cards.

Signs of the Sojourner Prologue - Alexis
Oh, Alexis – the games we’ve played. Source: PR

Could this be a high concept or what, but:

your deck is your character, reflecting your experiences and shaping your relationships

I’m intrigued.

In the game, you’re left with the control over your mother’s store after her untimely death, and along the way, meet new people during this period of difficulty.

Some of the features in Signs of the Sojourner Prologue include: 

  • Make new friends, rivalries and connections.
  • Match the tone of the conversation with your deck of cards.
  • Locate rare and useful goods throughout the town.
  • Consequences shape your character’s deck.
  • Multiple endings.

Will this work, or is it a melodramatic version of Gwent? Time will tell, but in the meantime, check out the trailer below:

Signs of the Sojourner Prologue is out now on Steam.

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