Seven Doors Is A Spooky Puzzler On Steam

Seven Doors out now on Steam

Out now on SteamSeven Doors – a spooky, atmospheric puzzle adventure.

A first-person puzzle adventure, Seven Doors is a title developed by Indigo Studios and based on the content, and eerie score reminds me a little of 7th Guest.

Go dust off your Encarta CDs if you’re not sure what that game is.

Seven Doors - Chess
Hardcore pawn. Source: Steam

In the game, you decipher a range of secret languages and attempt to keep your wits about your in this spooky ‘atmospheric puzzler’. 

Features for Seven Doors include:

  • Seven different atmospheres and seven enigmas.
  • The perfect game for an evening of puzzles, by yourself or with friends.
  • Between two and three hours of gameplay.
  • Develops different aspects of intelligence in each puzzle. 
  • A great soundtrack that has been acclaimed by reviewers.

With around two-three hours of gameplay, this game of seven different atmospheres over seven different challenges, players will even get around to playing as a chess piece.

Here’s the current trailer:

Seven Doors is available on Steam now.

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