Samurai Shodown Slicing And Dicing Tomorrow

Samurai Shodown

There can be only one – wrong franchise, but Samurai Shodown finally hits PC’s tomorrow.

That’s right, you heard it hear last: after consoles got it first (including the Switch!), SamSho makes it to the mouse and keyboard crew.

Set in 1700s Japan (not the best time, if you ask me), Samurai Shodown lets you pick from a roster of 13 familiar faces, along with three noobs who join the ranks of swords and sandals.

Samurai Shodown - Clash
Clash at Demon Head. Source. PR

Not a determiner for buying a game, but the graphics and animation are gorgeous, and on the PC will be even more fantabulous. Take that, console gamers.

Aside from the flagship ‘one-on-one’ sword-wielding mayhem, there are other features in the game that include:

  • Practice Mode: Players can learn the ropes in a tutorial and hone their skills in training mode.
  • Online Mode: Friends and foes alike can battle online in a variety of competitive modes.
  • Story Mode: Players can witness each character’s unique journey through 18th century Edo-period Japan as a new disaster threat looms over the land.
  • Battle Mode: Host to a variety of challenges including Versus, Time Trial, Survival and Gauntlet modes, players looking to test their skills will be pushed to the limit here.
  • Dojo Mode: After enough matches have been played, players can compete against their own ghost, other players’ ghosts, and then share their ghost data to online leaderboards.

No need to don a sword and practice again and again in a cold, hard dojo – just hop on the PC and become an instant master.

If you’re new to gaming and never heard of the Samurai Shodown series, you’re in for a treat as this new and improved model is oh-so-pretty – see for yourself:

Again, why you need to be reminded, I don’t know… Samurai Shodown is out tomorrow via the Epic Games Store.

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