Rome Wasn’t Built In A Day, But This Website Was (ish)

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It’s going to look a little empty here at first, but that’s because it’s a startup site, and we’ve all got an origin story.

I’ve been writing for as long as I could hold a pen, and that’s metamorphosed into pressing a series of keys on a keyboard that doesn’t play a musical note.

One of my ventures has been ‘the other site’, Vulgar Knight.

The aim of this one was to supplement the other writing I do elsewhere with a focus on the Nintendo eShop, then the Nintendo Switch as a while, then the PlayStation, then the PSVR.

As you can imagine, it’s spiralled a bit and it was only a matter of time until I ended up adopting another platform – like the Madonna of gaming.

Instead of creating another category, I’ve decided to go solo with Steam games for a number of reasons: 1) because there are so many titles that are exclusively Steam or they get an early release and 2) because I had a theme collecting dust.

If you’ve stumbled upon this site, it’s either because I’ve lured you over from the other site, you found it on a search engine (already?!), or because you’re a publisher and scoping me out.

Well, give me some space I expand the site. The same rules apply; honest game reviews, with a little bit of news as we go along – hopefully with my own spin, if not a regurgitated press note.

Much love,

Vulgs x

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