Road Z The Last Drive Smashes Through Zombies In Summer

Road Z The Last Drive

Out in late Summer, Road Z The Last Drive is a courier game where you have to get a vaccine across the U.S. via a horde of zombies.

Driving games rank highly on my list, but like football games, they need a little something to stand out from the crowd. How about driving your way through zombie hordes?

Sounds like a plan.

Road Z The Last Drive - Interior
An interior shot. Source: Blue Moose Games

It’s not a new concept. I remember the days of Carmageddon and the hype train that followed of controversy. Unfortunately, my PC wasn’t good enough to play it properly back in the day, but my current setup should play Road Z The Last Drive.

The first outing by Blue Moose Games seems like it’s a sandbox of Dead Rising-like mayhem, but there is a plot. Dr Lactus has put you in charge of delivering a vaccine that could save the world, and you have to drive across the United States to make sure it’s in the right hands.


Road Z The Last Drive is not without the odd upgrade, from nitrous to an improvement on the fuel tank and motor, but best of all: a turret and flameflower to help cut through the legions of the undead.

Drive through the undead in your trusty pickup:

Road Z The Last Drive is set for release on the 21st August 2020, and you can add the game to your Steam wishlist here.

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