Prisme7 Is A Free-To-Play Art Immersion


Immerse yourself in a world of contemporary art without leaving the house in Prisme7, the first game from the Centre Pompidou.

Explore collections in the Musée national d’art moderne and interact with them in an environment that’s as spell-bounding as Journey or Flow.

Prisme7 - Yellow
Explore lucid colours. Source: Steam

Focusing on the poetic side of the art world through gorgeous visuals, Prisme7 is an experience available on mobiles, PC and Mac and free-to-play.

Both educational and fun, the game is aimed at older children and above to delve into physical and sensory properties of works of art, including Andy Warhol’s Big Electric Chair.

Some of the features of Prisme7 include:

  • Six game worlds.
  • Modern art that highlights the works of Xavier Veilhan and Piet Mondrian.
  • 40 iconic works waiting to be explored.
  • Sound design by Ircam Amplify.

The game is represented by an entity made up of molecules of light rather than the typical avatar you’d expect in a videogame so that players aren’t tied to a character they can’t relate to.

Not that we’re all balls of light or anything.

Check out the trailer for Prisme7 – it looks lovely!

Go play it out on Steam now.

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