PiAwk In Development And Worth A Look


There are as many one-person developed games like PiAwk out there that get overlooked like sexy sites like this one, so it’s great to be able to find this upcoming title for the Mac and PC.

Simplicity is a complicated thing, really, I just typed that, but I find that when people strive for something simple, it ends up being overly complicated.

Not PiAwak.

PiAwk - Town
Going to town. Source: Hi Warp

The visual style appears to be stripped down on the surface, but it’s very nuanced, and the focus comes from the various puzzles and in-game physics.

I’d like to say that I found this little gem all by myself, but it was via a tweet I saw earlier today by @GeekDadGamer.

In writing this post, it’s a little reminder for me to keep an eye on this – especially as it’s on Mac too, it makes it a lot easier to play than isolating myself in a room away from the fam to play the PC. 

That’s what the living room’s for.

So, you play the titular PiAwk in the game, taking on the challenges in the order that you wish. While it’s not the definition of open-world, PiAwk, by Hi Warp, gives players a little freedom when tackling the game.

Emphasis on freedom once more, as the narrative focuses on this as you progress.

I’m looking forward to sitting down and playing PiAwk when available. If you’re intrigued, go check out the trailer below:

Additionally, have a look at the website for Hi Warp in the link above and sign up for the newsletter!

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