Persona 4 Golden Is Peachy On PC

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden makes for the stage on the PC and is available now, from the team that brought us one of my personal favourites, CatherineThe game, not exclusive rights to the name.

The Persona series was always much revered by JRPG fans, but since the release of Persona 5, the franchise has gained a wider, possibly more mainstream audience as it’s just so ruddy marvellous. Here Atlus  rummage their back catalogue and release Persona 4 Golden for the PC.

I hate to write the following, but Persona 4 Golden is a coming of age story that follows a group of friends in rural Japan who set out on an adventure following a series of serial murders. That’s not to insinuate they are the murderers, mind – just that the events trigger their own ‘investigations’.

Persona 4 Golden - Shrine
You wa shock. Source: Steam

As is typical with the series, it’s a shared experience between the characters in these heavily stylised games, which can back up the visuals with truly memorable gameplay. The Metacritic score currently stands at 93 and one of the ‘finest RPGs ever made’.

Features include:

  • Enjoy gameplay with variable framerates
  • Experience the world of Persona on PC in Full HD
  • Steam Achievements and Trading Cards
  • Choose between Japanese and English VO

Persona 4 Golden is available in the standard edition as well as the Deluxe Edition that includes a digital artbook and soundtrack that features nine tracks. Have a butcher’s at the trailer below:

Out now on Steam!

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