Our Secret Below – Escape Your Captor

Our Secret Below out this month

Is Our Secret Below a case of Stockholm Syndrome or something completely different? We’ll soon discover as it’s out this month.

In a matter of days, the secret will be out – Darkstone Digital’s escape room horror comes out on PC, a story about a woman held captive who tries to find out about her captor and how to use what she uncovers against them.

From solo developer Brian Clarke (link to Twitter), who also created The Mortuary Assistant and The Subject, the protagonist of the game, Nia, is trapped in a basement and has to find a method of escape by locating keys, codes and unlocking personal belongings.

Our Secret Below - Not applicable
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Playing detective, Nia uncovers certain truths about her captor, and possibly herself, or is it mistaken identity? I don’t know. I’m guessing based on the promo material and trailer thus far for this horror story.

Creepy trailer follows:

Our Secret Below launches on Steam, as well as Itch on the 10th of July.

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