Orange Cast Demo On Steam Now

Orange Cast demo now on Steam

A massive third-person action/RPG, Orange Cast makes a big claim to be similar to Mass Effect. Sounds good.

Likened to the almighty Mass EffectOrange Cast should be a game on your wishlist if you’re into a bit of a space opera. Fortunately, there’s a demo currently available on Steam.

A third-person action/RPG title, the game is set in a distant future where Soviet and Western science fiction is melted into one, with influences such as The Expanse and Firefly TV series.

Orange Cast - Locals
Local. Source: Steam

In the game from Team Rez and Valkyrie Interactive, you explore numerous locations that include dry, sandy planets to the high-tech space stations we’ve all dreamed of going to on a weekend break. 

Not me. I’m happy here on Earth, thank you very much.

The problem in Orange Cast is a prolonged fuel crisis, causing colonies to crumble under pressure and can no longer defend themselves against marauders intent on wiping out all living things.

Cue a little bit of a cyberpunk theme, and there’s an evil corporation behind it. The concept isn’t completely sold on me just yet, so I’ll be downloading the demo and reporting back in due course.

In the meantime, here’s a trailer for Orange Cast:

Comparing itself to Mass Effect is a bit bold, but on appearances alone, it’s not far off. Let’s see how the narrative plays out.

To be continued a.k.a. wait for me to play the demo.

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