Onirike Explores What Happens To Our Dreams

Onirike coming in 2020

Onirike is a title I’ve meant to write about for a while now. With the Steam Games Festival, it has given me a nudge, if not, a punt to the testicles to get on with it.

We all dream – whether that’s at night, during the day at work or perhaps you dream of Lucy? That’s one for the demographics. But here’s the question: what happens to dreams that don’t come true?

Controlling Prieto, an unknown entity that can turn invisible at will (Hi, Will), you explore this dream orb through a combination of stealth, exploration and a variety of puzzles. There’s even a little nod there at one of Salvador Dali’s infamous paintings; The Persistence of Memory.

Onirike - Orb
Exploring the dream orb. Source: PR

Here are some of the other features in ze game:

  • Explore Onirike’s intricate open world.
  • Discover its charming non-linear story.
  • Be amazed by its peculiar graphics and sound aesthetics.
  • Gain new abilities for Prieto.
  • Grow gypsophila strategically.
  • Avoid dreams devourers using invisibility.

From Devilish Games, who brought us King Lucas (see the review on Vulgar Knight), Onirike will be released in the Q4 of 2020. 

In the meantime, here’s a trailer, which, quite frankly, is gorgeous:

Add Onirike to your Steam wishlist…NOW!

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