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Neon Abyss PC

If you read anything on Vulgar Knight, you’ll know that I’m a bit of a Team17 fan, so pleased to see yet another title from them.

In Neon Abyss, it’s a frantic run and gun title set over multiple rooms that are swarming with both enemies and puzzles for you to shoot/solve – or both.

Hades has instructed you, specifically you, to take on the Gods of Fast Food, Mobile Video, and Plushies through an arsenal of rockets and cyanide. I made the last one up. It sounded like a good idea.

Neon Abyss - Loot
Gimme the loot, gimme the loot. Source: PR

All those console bums will have to wait until 14th July to get a taster of Neon Abyss from Veewo Games, but Steam users can play the demo now.

Features include: 

  • Evolving Dungeon: Explore the unique and expandable underworld of the neon abyss. Choose a personalised upgrade path to expand the dungeon and unlock new rooms, bosses, items, special rules, and new endings. 
  • Unlimited Item Synergies: Passive effects between items stack and affect each other, with no limit to the number of effects that can be applied to the player’s character.
  • Expansive Content: Dynamically generated maps, over 400 items, dozens of monsters with different styles, and countless secrets ensure that no adventure through the abyss is the same.
  • Pets Hatching & Evolving: As you descend into the abyss, find and nurture eggs until they hatch into a random pet. Each pet has a special ability and most can evolve as the action continues.
  • Mini-games: Unique rooms of mini-games can be discovered in the dungeon, each one with new mechanics and rules. Take part in piano performances, dance competitions, fight clubs, and much more.

There’s a trailer for Neon Abyss too:

Hop on over to Steam for a tinker with the Neon Abyss demo. The full game will be available from the 14th July, but I’ve already told you that.

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