Medic Pacific Corpsman To The Rescue

Medic Pacific Corpsman

A different on war, Medic Pacific Corpsman has you play the role of a medic rescuing your fallen brothers, and on occasion, retrieve their remains.

Nobody wants to play the medic in a multiplayer title, despite their popularity and quite possibly the only word called out that isn’t an expletive or “Leeroy!”

In Medic Pacific Corpsman, that’s precisely what you do, as you face the horrors and reality of war in this simulator set during the Pacific War. It’ll be an acquired, mature taste to it, but what’s being showcased at the moment is intriguing.

Medic Pacific Corpsman - Loadout
Setting up the loadout. Source: Steam

Save your fellow soldiers as an American medic, publishers Games Operators, twist the modern third-person war game so that you’re undoing the damage caused by conflict – at times recovering the remains of a fallen brother when you’re unable to save them.

Despite the mass conflict, Medic Pacific Corpsman is actually a single-player FPP adventure game, influenced by films such as Hacksaw RidgeSaving Private Ryan and the TV series The Pacific.

Check out some of the features:

  • A unique take on the war – become part of a story full of bravery, sacrifice, and determination, all soaked in soldiers’ blood.
  • An everchanging battlefield – act fast, be cautious, avoid the enemy, hide from bombshells, and dodge bullets.
  • Strategic thinking, smart foresight, and resourcefulness are a must – choose your methods and how to distribute the available supplies, but most of all, think before you act.
  • Make hard choices – remember that you are one, and they are many. Assess the injured, determine the seriousness of the wounds, and have the final word on who gets to live and who dies.
  • Experience the unthinkable – view the horrors of war with your own eyes. Hear your fellow soldiers screaming in agony. Witness the gore covering the ground. Feel the pain of those knowing they will never see their loved ones again.

…and a trailer for Medic Pacific Corpsman here:

You might have to wait a while for the game to be released, but you can undoubtedly keep up-to-speed by putting it on your Steam wishlist now.

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