Lovingly Evil With Devilish Meetings This Summer

Lovingly Evil coming to Steam

Lovingly Evil is a dating conference game where you play a villain looking for companionship – coming to Steam this summer!

Some may be mourning the loss of E3, despite news getting out word of the PS5 without the need for brick and mortar. Is it time to make things virtual in light of the global epidemic and future costs?

That’s not what this site is about, so let’s look at the game that celebrates the conferences, meetings about meetings and lots and lots of suits. Sounds pure hell.

Lovingly Evil - Lou
Flippin’ burgers. Source: Steam

Lovingly Evil, from Green Man Gaming and Lizard Hazard Games, has players take the role of a villain and enter The Villain Conference; with the schedule of finding a partner, either in crime or love.

Love interests include a flower-loving vampire, wicked step-mother and Lucifer – some chump who flips burgers at Hellfire Grill.

Key features in Lovingly Evil include:

  • Multiple, light-hearted branching storylines driven by players choices and even the time of day
  • Discover unique minigames for each love interest such as staffing the grill with Lucifer or flower arranging with Felix the Vampire
  • Create your Villain and choose your own path through Villain Con
  • Court 5 potential Evil love interests 
  • Explore Villain Conference taking in lectures on effective villainy 
  • Let loose and party hard at the nightclub

Here’s the current trailer:

Lovingly Evil is one of those titles currently available to play as a demo during the Steam Game Festival. Download/add to your Wishlist now!

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