Gambit! An Explosive VR Co-op Coming Soon

Zero Calibur, not Gambit!

Gambit!: grab onto your helmet, it’s morphin’ time, but not until next year on the PC.

Right, so this isn’t part of a popular franchise or anything, but it’s Monday morning, and that greasy mass in my skull hasn’t kicked in yet.

Gambit! is a co-op action game for all PC VR users for up to four players to take part in a ‘road movie-style adventure’.

Zero Caliber, not Gambit! - Mines
Not Gambit! but previous title Zero Caliber. Source: PR

As the world is about to end, you play one of four mercs after they’ve failed their most recent mission, following their antics as they reach the top of their client’s shitlist.

From XREAL Games LLCGambit! is so brand spanking new, that even the teaser trailer is a teaser of sorts. Additionally, there are no images either so the pictures you are seeing are from their platinum-selling title Zero Caliber, which you can buy on Steam.

I was going to draw the images but funk that.

For the time being, here’s that teaser for Gambit! but don’t have high hopes – the game isn’t out until 2021, so wait a few months for when the footage starts to emerge.

In the meantime, bookmark XREAL Games LLC’s site, follow them, and you’ll get updates as this could be great!

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