Dinosaur Fossil Hunter Demo Unveiled This Summer

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter

Currently in a Kickstarter campaign, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter will we unveiled in demo form during the Summer’s Steam Game Festival.

While all the other kids were playing with Transformers and dinosaurs, I was too busy making death slides for my GI Joe figures or drawing boobs.

Even at a later age, dinosaurs have never been my thing, and Jurassic Park was so… meh.

Dinosaur Fossil Hunter - The dig
You dig? Source: PR

However, having just watched the trailer for Dinosaur Fossil Hunter, from Pyramid Games, the concept has piqued my interest – possibly because of the archaeological digging side of things.

That’s one thing I had in common with the other kids – Indiana Jones.

Anyhoo, Dinosaur Fossil Hunter is nearing its goal on Kickstarter at the time of writing, and you can see why it’s so close – it looks excellent.

In the game, you play a palaeontologist, searching the plains of the US of A, looking for dinosaur fossils.

Your role includes the actual dig; using a variety of tools to excavate, clean and examine potential finds and even display them in your own museum.

Like DepowerBall, a playable demo will be unveiled during the Steam Games Festival from the 9th June, so a date worth inputting in your Rolodex.

There’s no point in hoarding the trailer all for myself – if you haven’t seen it yet, have a looksie below:

Though Dinosaur Fossil Hunter won’t be out until the later part of 2020, it’s worth looking at the demo, if not the current Kickstarter page if you wish to invest.

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