DepowerBall Demo During The Steam Game Festival


Said in a street like manner, DepowerBall is actually pronounced The Power Ball – a competitive tactical decision-making title available as a playable demo on Steam for a limited time.

Ok, that’s not a sales pitch, but it’s available for one week only during the Summer Edition of the Steam Game Festival, from the 9th of June.

Also, it is called DepowerBall, despite my facetious opener.

DepowerBall - Purple rain
A bit of purple rain (ok, there’s no rain). Source: PR

In the game, you take part in a match that lasts 3-5 rounds to become the Dragon Queen’s Champion.

At the start of each round, players are granted some mystical powers that can be removed by a voting system, should you end up winning.

How does that work? Win a round, and the losers will gang up on you and revoke you of your birthright, giving them a slight advantage over you.

It’s an interesting idea as it perhaps gets rid of those horrible patterns where the same player wins over and over again.

Here are some of the features:

  • Local Multiplayer Action for 2-4 players (or online with Remote Play Together)
  • Elastic game flow where winning a round means losing one of your powers, ensuring a competitive atmosphere
  • Streamer? Connect the game to your Twitch stream and get your audience to influence the outcome of your games!
  • Six levels with ridiculous hazards
  • Three different game modes to keep things fresh (DepowerBall, Capture The Treat, and T.A.G.)
  • Eight adorable characters to choose from
  • Dress your characters up with unlockable accessories to showcase your own personality!

Though DepowerBall is still in development, we’ll get the chance to play during that exclusive week.

The Steam Game Festival has given me an opportunity to put DepowerBall in front of a global audience… I am excited to see how gamers react when they discover the game and how fun it is to mess with their friends by taking away the powers they hold most dear.

Antonio Miceli, Mega Power Games

Sounds good, Antonio. I bet you’re be wanting to see a trailer?

Again, DepowerBall is in development, but the demo is available from Steam from the 9th of June.

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