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Death End reQuest 2

This is the end, my only friend – Death end re;Quest 2 for Steam and the PS4.

Alright… so that doesn’t read too well, but what are you gonna do? Come up with an even better title than Death end re;Quest 2 and use some other elaborate form of punctuation as well?

I didn’t think so.

Despite the ‘amazing’ title, the game also boasts an interesting narrative as you play Mai Toyama, who seeks to escape a traumatic past.

Death End reQuest 2 - Terminal
Can’t think of anything pithy. Source: PR

Enrolled into an all-girl dormitory in a town called Le Choara, Mai hopes to find her sister, Sanae, but in the process uncovers a group of creatures formed from the streets of Shadow Matter.

So, Death end re;Quest 2, from Idea Factory International, is a visual novel and very clearly narrative-driven with the focus on the two sisters and underlying terrors that inhabit Le Choara.

The key features include:

Overkill Brings Huge Rewards – The Overkill system is an added feature where characters can stack damage beyond the health of an enemy for bonus experience! Try to inflict as much damage to all the monsters for bigger rewards.

Beware of the Berserker – During dungeon exploration and battle, a faceless, black figure will appear out of nowhere. The figure will also display an area of attack once it appears. Mai and her squad must step away from the Berserker’s area of attack, as it will instantly kill anyone with one single blow. Run away from the Berserker in the dungeon or defeat all the existing monsters in the battlefield to escape!​

Day n’ Night – Mai will need to explore the town of Le Choara during the day and speak with the townspeople to find out clues as to where her sister is. By night, Mai will fight her way through dark creatures stylized in a turn-based RPG. Experience the story through the lens of a visual novel during the day and battle it out against horrific creatures by night!​​

Don’t Call it a Knockback – The Knockback system is back in 

Death end re;Quest 2, but this time, Mai and her squad can smack Shadow Matter even harder! Combo your attacks by flinging monsters to other party members!​

I got about halfway through a gameplay video in Japanese, but as it’s so text-driven, it got a little overwhelming, so instead, have a look at this movie-type trailer instead:

Death end re;Quest 2 is available in the summer on Steam and the PlayStation 4.

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