Bossgard Multiplayer Mayhem Like A Boss

Bossgard out now on Steam

Team up with 5 other players for Bossgard and take on the bosses after Ragnarok, or play as the boss against the Vikings!

Ever since the Dark Souls series, I’ve been a fan of teaming up with people to defeat bosses. For the most part, I’ve done everything solo, but as these boss battles get harder and more…epic, it’s much more enjoyable with other players.

Bossgard¬†takes that concept and makes it into a co-op where you can take on behemoths – 5 versus 1. Don’t want to be one of the little minions chipping away at one of these titans? Play the boss!

Bossgard - You're toast
You’re toast. Source: PR

From Sand Sailor Studios, the multiplayer allows for 6 player battles with a choice of 10 different Vikings, each with their stamp on the game, i.e. special powers.

Best of all, it’s currently 20% off!

In short, Ragnarok has come and gone, and these Vikings are the last line of defence, going up against classic Norse folklore such as Olaf of Bread the oversized piece of toast, and Plunge D – and Jotun-like toilet pump.

Apart from those historical accuracies, what else does Bossgard offer?

  • Bossgard is the party game that lets you play the Boss against your friends, an asymmetrical boss-battler for up to 6 players in online and local multiplayer.
  • There are currently 6 unique bosses, each moves, attacks and behaves differently, each with their own skill set. Giant bread, huge plungers, evil robots, and more!
  • There are 10 unique Vikings, each built for an entirely different role. Deploy turrets, unleash pets, raise the dead, heal your friends and much, much more in a bid to defeat the Boss.
  • The game features 3 major game modes, Viking vs Boss, Viking vs Viking and the 3rd person singleplayer-only Survival mode, where you hunt monsters in search of the big end Boss.
  • Play in a group from a top view perspective or solo from a 3rd-person perspective.
  • All characters are customizable with armor sets, weapons, color schemes and more!

Here’s the game in action:

Bossgard is out now on Steam and will follow on the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 in early July.

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