Asylum Releasing Its Inhabitants For A Limited Time

Asylum meeting the residents

Asylum: a title I’m unlikely to play anytime soon for two reasons. 1) it’s not ready yet, and 2) there’s minimal chance for me to up my game and play a game as scary as this.

That’s not to say this is a bad-looking game – on the contrary, it looks incredible, so much so that I fear I wouldn’t have the guts to play it unless it’s broad daylight and I’ve had a drink to take off the edge.

Kudos to Senscape (link to their community page) for creating such a lucrative title that has already got a legion of fans since it was announced, but has been in development for an age. 

Asylum - Paint
Could do with a lick of paint. Source: PR

Some feel that they had pulled the plug as it’s been so long.

Rumours of our deaths have not been exaggerated

Agustín Cordes, Director at Senscape

Following a massively successful Kickstarter plan, Asylum also received a sufficient grant to get the game moving, and on that basis, a time-limited demo has been announced during the Steam Game Festival featuring two hours of gameplay.

It’s a first-person adventure with inspiration from H.P. Lovecraft (I’m still waiting for a Roald Dahl-inspired horror) and has an 80s grindhouse style to it – as present in the trailer. 

Despite my fear of scary games, I’m quite the fan of classic horror films and pleased to hear that the Hammer Film series plays an influential part, but I also see The Evil DeadHouse and perhaps The Gate

Not that they share the same themes as Asylum takes place in Hanwell Mental Institute, not a log cabin or suburbia. It’s an apparent ‘love letter to the point-and-click genre and the spiritual successor to beloved cult classic Scratches‘.

While I grow a pair, check out the trailer (it’s a couple of years old but is still spot-on):

Asylum will be coming soon to the PC, Mac and Linux. Hop on over to Steam to add to your wishlist if you haven’t already.

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