Aquascaping Due For Release Next Year

Aquascaping coming to Steam in 2021

Not a euphemism, Aquascaping is a game come to Steam next year for a zen-like experience.

Ever dream of the perfect aqua landscape? You can make it a (virtual) reality with Aquascaping the game, available in 2021.

You mean we have to wait? We sure do, but great things come to those who wait, and patience is a virtue. You don’t get a home aquarium for the thrill, but the inner peace (or to complement the magnolia walls).

Aquascaping tunnel
Curating a walkthrough aquarium? Yes, please! Source: Steam

As an owner of a marine setup, I’m well aware of the trial and tribulations that go hand in hand with the hobby. Is the PH balance correct? Will this species be ok with others? How often should I feed them? Did the kids hide my phone in the fish tank once again?

Aquascaping allows you to dive deep (ha!) into the creative world of aquascaping where you can create small fishbowls or huge marine exhibits. Complement your tank with fish, shrimp and turtles, and you’re good to go.

Main features in the game include:

  • Design your own aquarium – choose the shape and size of your fish tank and remember equipment such as filters, water conditioners, and air pumps. Finally, throw in some gravel and decorations, but most importantly, make sure it’ll be functional for its inhabitants.
  • Take care of the ecosystem balance – choose from a rich variety of both fresh and saltwater creatures, but remember that different species have different needs and require specific conditions.
  • Become a professional – design aquariums for the customers. With clients from restaurants, hotels, or offices to rich businessmen’s residences, earn money so you can expand your private aquarium.
  • Go big and admire your piece of water art from the inside – create massive water tanks filled with dolphins, killer whales, octopuses, and sharks that you’ll be able to dive into.

As the game is in development, we have to wait just under a year for it to come out. Still, you can see the work in progress with this trailer:

Aquascaping, from Game Operators, is due for release in April 2021 on Steam. You can add to your wishlist, etc. from the Steam page.

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